TimePlan & Tasks


August 22nd: MV sends syllabi to authors incl. comments
August 29th All send their reactions to MV
September 5th: MV uploads final Syllabus to intranet to be visible for all

Student course interface layout

September 3rd: MV sends Syllabus and draft design to KI
September 26th: KI : 1st draft of student course interface online

Rubric (course design) à reference f. quality of course design

September 12th: MV sends Draft of rubric (course design) for comments to all
September 19th : deadline for comments on rubric by All
September 26th : MV sends finalization of rubric to All

Course contents:

September 26th : Start of writing process
November 18th: Finalization of course contents
January 30th: Digitalization by KI and HT|
April 30th: Evaluation of online portal (WP5)

Consortium Agreement, Financial Agreement

August 22nd: Develop overall draft MC sends to MV
September 26th: Consortium Agreement by MC, MV and All
September 26th: Financial Agreement & Business Plan by HT, HC, MV, and All

Curriculum Development:

August 22nd: Develop overall draft MC sends to MV
August 31st: Missing parts to be completed by MV and sent to HC
September 5th: HC sends edited draft to All

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