Frederick University

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Frederick University (FU) is dedicated to providing high quality education through teaching & research in various areas (eg Technology, Education, Social Sciences etc) as well as a systematic contribution to the wider social context. Our faculty is encouraged to explore new ideas in teaching, learning & research & to pursue inspired educational objectives in accord with FU's ethos & principles. One of these objectives being Environmental Responsibility & Sustainable Development, FU:

  • offers a Masters Programme in Education for the Environment & Sustainable Development,·
  • hosts Nature Conservation Unit that engages in SD activities & research.·
  • with Frederick Research Centre, coordinates, runs & participates in several research projects, related to ESD,·technology, with funding from EU, ·Cyprus RPF & UNDP. ·

·FU is committed to fruitful partnership & cooperation with other educational institutions, industry, society & government for the purpose of advancing knowledge & productivity

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