Thanasis Hadzilacos

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HatzilacosProfessor of Information Systems at the Open University of Cyprus. Member of the Governing Board of OUC since 4/2011. Member of the Cyprus National Scientific Council since 2010. Formerly Dean of the School of Science and Technology at the Hellenic Open University where he was (2000-2007) Associate Professor of Soft­ware Engineering, directed (2003-2007) the Open and Distance Laboratory for Educational Material and Methodology, the graduate course on Information Systems (2003-2007) and the undergraduate Computer Science course (2001-2003). Educated at Harvard, USA (1971-76), had substantial industrial experience before his PhD in Database theory (Univ. of Patras, 1986). He joined the research academic Computer Technology Institute in Patras, Greece (1986-2007), where he founded and directed the Educational Technology and the e-Learning Sectors, and R&D Unit “Applied Information Systems”. He has taught at the Universities of Patras and Thessaly in Greece; currently he is a visiting professor at the University of Toronto (2010-11). During 1996-2001 he designed and managed the He has served as a member of the Council of Europe working group for Teaching and Learning in the Communication Society (2002-2004) and the Greek national represen­tative to E.U. DG Education and Culture for building the European portal on educational opportunities (2002-2005). He has published over 80 papers in international journals and conferences, including a chapter on “Teaching and Learning in the Communication Society” published by the Council of Europe. He has given over 60 invited talks and presentations in scientific conferences, training seminars, university seminars, and professional or technical events. He has coordinated, directed and participated in over 40 research and development projects funded by the European Commission, the Greek and Cypriot research foundations and Ministries of Education. His research interests in educational technology relate to m-learning, distance education, internet-related dangers and system design for non-standard applications. His real interest is people, and he is currently studying theology at HOU. His extracurricular activities include running the Marathon (Prague, 2011, 4:10’).


Panayiotis Kyriakou

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pk_thumbCurrently Panayiotis Kyriakou is research associate at Open University of Cyprus. He has studied at the Computer Engineering and Informatics department of the University of Patras (2001-2006) with degree thesis: “Web-based Intelligent Tutoring System of Computer Systems Evaluation Techniques”. Later he continued his master studies in Computer Science and Engineering at the same university that led to the thesis: “A web-based graphical tool for managing domain knowledge in an Intelligent Tutoring System”. At the same time he worked at the RA CTI (Research Academic Computer Technology Institute) as a graduate student at the e-Learning Sector (  His professional experience includes design and development of digital educational material, technical support and e-learning researcher. His interests include NPR, e-learning, HCI, AI , and arts. His goal is to combine the magic of art with the practical use of information systems.


Anna Mavroudi

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me4Anna Mavroudi studied Mathematics in the "Aristotle" University of Thessaloniki (1998-2003) and Information Systems in the Hellenic Open University (2004-7, MS thesis on e-learning systems). Worked as a Math teacher (2002-7) and as a research staff at: (1) the Research-Academic Computer Technology Institute (Greece) as a knowledge engineer (2008), (2) the Hellenic Open University in educational technology field (2007-8) and (3) the Open University of Cyprus (2009-today). In the Hellenic Open University she studied the functionality of open source institutional repositories for e-learning content. She studied metadata standards and their use in the description of the digital assets included in the institutional repository. She has participated in various research projects related to educational technology. Her research interests include: applied mathematics, learning theories, e-learning, mobile learning, multi-user virtual environments, educational open source software, metadata/ontologies. Currently, a phd student (at OUC) in the educational technology field.


Vassilis Trigkas

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My_PhotoVassilis Trigkas is a graduate of the Extended Education Program of Environmental Cartography of the School of the Environment of the University of the Aegean. While a student he worked at a number of projects of the University of the Aegean. He also worked for short periods at topographic and technical companies. From 2004 until 2008 he worked at the Institute of Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation for Research and Technology at Rethymnon, where he participated in many research programs. In 2008/2009 he worked as a Cartographer in a private company for Telematics. in 2009/2011 he worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, at the Remote Sensing Lab of the Technical University of Cyprus. Since May 2011 he is Research Associate in the Open University of Cyprus. He is also a postgraduate student in the program Master in information Systems of the Open University of Cyprus.


Ioannis Vogiatzakis

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Ioannis_VogiatzakisI am Associate Professor in Environmental Studies at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). Before joining OUC I held posts and carried out research and teaching activities at the Universities of Reading(UK), Cagliari (Italy) and Ioannina (Greece). I have been research associate to the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute (Greece) and consultant to UNEP PAP/RAC and UNIDO on landscape assessment and GIS.  ? hold a Ph.D. in Physical Geography, an MSc in Vegetation Ecology, and a postgraduate diploma (PGCAP) in Academic Practice from the University of Reading as well as a Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Forestry from the Technological Institute of Education of Kavala. I am a member of the Royal Geographic Society, the British Ecological Society, the International Association of Landscape Ecology and the International Association of Vegetation Science. My research interests include the ecology and biogeography of Mediterranean islands and mountains, predictive vegetation and habitat mapping using GIS and Remote Sensing, landscape based approach to nature conservation delivery and the effectiveness of protected areas for biodiversity conservation. My research has been funded by the EU FP6, FP7, LIFE+, INTERREG programmes as well as several UK Government Agencies.


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