Dr. Ilga Salite

Dr. Ilga Salite is Professor of Education on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development at the DU. She is the founder and acting Director of the Institute of Sustainable evelopment and an active member of the UNESCO/UNITWIN for ESD. Expertise: ESD modules development, ESD teaching methodology, action research. She has organized 5 international conferences in the topic of “Education for Sustainable Development”. She has 98 publications, 64 scientific articles and 34 teaching materials. Recent publications: Educational action research for sustainability: conducting a vision for the future in teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 10 (5-16), 2008.

Dr. Antonijs Salitis

Dr. Antonijs Salitis is Professor of Natural Sciences with focus on Environmental Education and ESD at the DU. Expertise includes: re-orienting teacher education to address ESD, integration of natural sciences in the middle school level, energy as a theme across all school levels and subjects, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary teaching methodology. He participates in various international networks amongst them, the Environmental Management of Sustainable Universities (EMSU) since 2002. More than 40 publications in the field. Recent: Curriculum development in teacher education oriented towards sustainable development, proceedings EMSU, 2004.


Dr. Dz. Iliško

Dr. Dz. Iliško is assistant professor of pedagogy with focus on ESD at the DU. Expertise includes: socio-cultural and environmental pillars of ESD, values education, gender and ESD, modular design and development with particular reference to ESD issues.  Amongst her recent publications are: Towards a multiculturally competent teacher in building a sustainable world, proceedings of the 6th int. conf. “Collaboration on Education for Sustainable Development” Eskisehir, Turky June 2008. Gender equality in science curriculum: recommendations of reorienting science education towards sustainable development, In Pipere, A. (Ed.), Education and Sustainable Development. DU: Saule, 161-175, 2007.

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