Dr Charlotte Holland

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image001Dr Charlotte Holland is a lecturer in Technology in Education, Education for Sustainable Development and Creative Instructional Design in the School of Education Studies at Dublin City University. She is Chair of Undergraduate Studies within the School of Education Studies.  She held the Chair of the full-time B.Sc. in Education and Training from 2007 to 2011.  She was also Chair of the Institute of Educational Research of Ireland (2010-2011).  Her research interests include: Education for Sustainable Development, Online Sustainable Learning Communities, Values-based Learning, Information and Communication technologies (ICT) in Education, Instructional Design, Web development, e-learning, Instructional Technology, Curriculum development, Science and Citizenship, Meta-cognition.

Dr. Carmel Mulcahy

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image003Dr. Carmel Mulcahy was Head of theSchool of Education Studies in Dublin City University from 2007-2010. She lectures in the areas of values, interculturalism, managing diversity and professional skills.  To date her research has covered a wide canvas across all levels of education from Primary to Tertiary. Her main interest has continued to be in the area of access and inclusion in education, in particular from the perspective of inclusive citizenship. This research work has encompassed studies on howIrelandhas responded to a rapidly increasing pluralist society.


Dr. Miriam Judge

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image005Dr. Miriam Judge is a lecturer on the multimedia programmme in the School of Communications at Dublin City University. Previously, she has worked in the audio visual industry as a Corporate Video Producer/Director, researcher and scriptwriter and in the computer industry in a training and instructional design capacity. Her Phd work was in the area of ICT in Education and her research work to date has built on her expertise in that area. Her research interests include: The use of technology in education, E-learning, computer mediated learning, video conferencing technology, qualitative research methodologies, instructional design and e-learning technologies,
technology and society.

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