Dr. Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos

Dr. Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos is Ass. Professor at the division of Human-Computer-Interaction at the University of Uppsala. His expertise is interdisciplinary as it covers information technology, cognitive psychology, moral education and pedagogy, experimental evaluation of interface design options from a user-centred perspective, visual communication in user interfaces. Publications relevant to the proposed project are: Communication and learning in on-line courses. Lifelong open & flexible learning in the globalized world. Eskisehir, 2006. Turkey: Anadolu University (2006). Information technology and moral stress. In C. Stephanidis (Ed.) Human Computer Interaction (78-82). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. 2003.


Erik Borälv has a PhD

Erik Borälv has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and holds a post-doc position at Uppsala university. His expertise concerns analysis and modelling of human cognitive and perceptual capabilities involved in the interaction with computer support systems. Erik has won the IST prize–sometimes called the European Championship in IT–twice. Sponsored by the European Commission, the European IT Prize awards innovation 1997: He has been awarded the European IT-Prize for its Teleradiology System CHILI. Erik has contributed to scientific writing and one of his papers was selected “Best of World Paper” Another published paper was awarded the @ROENTGEN PRIZE 2001.


Mikael Laaksoharju MSc

Mikael Laaksoharju holds a Master of Science in Information Technology Engineering. His research is focused on designing user centred design methods and techniques; Tools for efficient development of user interfaces; Formulation of methods for evaluation of interface design; Image-based decision support systems; Design of user interfaces for distance educational applications. Recent publications: ‘Tools for ethical decision making’ in F. Wenstøp and J. P. Brans (Eds.), OR & Ethics: Human Centered Processes Third International Conference, Part III (pp. 13-24). Delft, Netherlands: TELECOM Bretagne. Available: (2008).

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